Here's the outline of the book associated with the seminar series.


Introduction: What kind of leaders are we becoming? Christopher Mabey and Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Section 1: How do business schools prepare students for leadership?

1. Questioning Business Schools. Tim Harle
2. Questions business schools are unable to ask. Aidan Ward and Wolfgang Mayrhofer
3. Preparing Hong Kong Managers for ‘Exile’ at Work.  Ricky, Yuk-­‐Kwan Ng
4. The forgotten humanness of organizations. Yuliya Shymko
Commentary: Jerry Biberman

Section 2: How robust are the theoretical and moral assumptions of business schools?

6. Is economic growth a force for good?  Molly Scott Cato
7. Can leadership be value­‐free? Ken Parry & Audun Fiskerud
8. Do business schools create conformists rather than leaders? David Beech
9. Business schools, economic virtues and Christian theology.  Andrew Henley
10: Can our bodies guide the teaching and learning of business ethics? Leah Tomkins
Commentary: JC Spender

Section 3: Ethical leadership: philosophical and spiritual approaches

11. Can a spiritual approach inspire responsible leadership? Karen Blakeley
12. MacIntyre, Zizek and the recovery of virtue. Mervyn Conroy
13. Classical Greek Philosophy and the Learning Journey. Hugo Gaggiotti and Peter Simpson
14. Wairua in Business schools. Pare Keiha and Edwina Pio
Commentary: Laurence Freeman

Section 4: Reclaiming a moral voice in business schools: some pedagogic examples

15. The financial crisis and classical French literature. Rickard Grassman
16. Understanding cross-cultural respect. Doirean Wilson
17. The contemporary relevance of the Hebrew wisdom tradition. Phil Jackman.
18. Cosmopolitan careers in Greater China. Pamsy Hui, Warren Chiu, John
Coombes, and Elvy Pang
19. Can an ethic of care support the management of change? Mary Hartog and
Leah Tomkins
20. Management blockbusters: is there space for dissent? Daniel Doherty
Commentary: David Miller

21. Coda.  Chris Mabey and Wolfgang Mayrhofe