Friday 24 October 2014 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Convened by Peter Simpson and Hugo Gaggiotti with Inge Relph and Briji Waterfield (Meditatio), at KPMG, central London. Can ethical business leadership be encouraged through the 'disruptive innovation' of meditation? Disruptive innovations often start off ‘below the radar’, typically perceived as simple, cheap, substitutes - not serious competition for market leaders – but can later break apart an existing order and initiate a new kind of order. Meditation is an inner practice, hidden, and at first glance can seem to involve 'doing nothing'. However, it can be argued that meditation leads us to the intrinsic goodness of the human person. Is more ethical leadership an inevitable consequence?

Speakers include Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of World Community for Christian Meditation; Peter Case (University of the West of England) and Phil Jones, MD of Brother UK see:

Videos of the Presentations

1 Intro from Meditatio on Vimeo.

2 Laurence Freeman from Meditatio on Vimeo.

3 Phil Jones from Meditatio on Vimeo.

4 Peter Case from Meditatio on Vimeo.

5 Panel discussion from Meditatio on Vimeo.


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