19 March 2015

Venue: The Garden Room - Clifton Pavillion - Bristol Zoo

Registration from: 9.30

Seminar 3 (March 2015 tbc): Mindfulness and Leadership for Patient and Service-User Care Convened by Carol Jarvis and Anita Gulati at Bristol Business School. There is growing research evidence to support the value of mindfulness for those who are sick and vulnerable (Baer, 2005). More recently, interest in mindfulness has extended to the workplace (Chaskalson, 2011) including staff and leaders in the health and social care sectors, helping to address high levels of stress and burnout and playing a role in developing the capacity for resilience and creativity. This seminar will explore the links between mindfulness and the leadership of patient care, including the potential contribution to a return to the NHS ethical founding principles of care and compassion, in response to the Francis Report (2010). This seminar will be participative and will include a range of speakers from academia, leaders in use of mindfulness in health and social care as well as leading practitioners of mindfulness.

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Contact details for further information: Anita Gulati anita.gulati@uwe.ac.uk Tel 0117 3281708


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