Business Schools have been criticized for many years for their pedagogies, curricula and culture. They are accused of peddling ideologically inspired theories often under the rubric of leadership, which results in removing moral responsibility from their students.

We need:

“…more than engineers and accountants. We must also harness the ideas of artists, philosophers, designers, ecologists, anthropologists, and theologians” (Hamel, 2012).

Fresh approaches to our understanding of leadership are emerging, see our Resources page.

The time has come for a more radical re-think about the ethical basis of leadership in UK organizations. This Seminar Series will:

  1. Set up academic-practitioner dialogue (across business, professional services, health, business schools, SMEs) to highlight the main ethical dilemmas facing leaders today.
  2. Examine ethical leadership at three levels: practices (eg meditation, mindfulness, TM), theoretical approaches (eg Spiritual Leadership Theory, embodied ethics, virtue ethics) and belief systems (eg humanism, Buddhist and Christian faith, wisdom writings) among others which will surface in various debates.
  3. Debate how philosophically and spiritually-informed approaches might assist in the ethical leadership challenge.

The nine one-day seminars are being held over three years (2014-17) and these involve academics from a range of UK universities and practitioners from public, private and not-for-profit sectors.