Book associated with the Series:

Mabey, C. and Mayrhofer, W.,  (2015),  Developing Leadership, Questions Business Schools don't ask, to be published by SAGE, London, in June 2015.
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Forthcoming Leadership titles:

Carroll, B., Ford, J., Taylor, Scott, N., 2015, Leadership, Contemporary Critical Perspectives, SAGE Publications Ltd.  

Gosling, J., Jones, S., 2015, Napoleonic Leadership A Study in Power, London Sage Publications Ltd.

New Ethics titles:

Fryer, M.,  2014, Ethics Theory and Business Practice,  London, SAGE Publications Ltd . 

Development for Business Studies:

Dowson, P., 2015 Personal and Professional Development for Business Students, London SAGE Publications Ltd .  

Special Issues on Ethical/Spiritual Leadership


Journal of Management Inquiry, 2005

Journal of Management Development, 2010-12

Organization, 2012

Journal of Personnel Psychology, 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS - Special Issue on Philosophical Approaches to Leadership Ethics - 

Business Ethics Quarterly - Deadline 15 March 2016. Download the details by clicking here.


Mabey, C, Parry, K and Egri, C (2015) Questions Business Schools Don’t Ask, Academy of Management Learning and Education, special issue forthcoming.


Comments from contributors, speakers and attendees.


Seminar 1: What can Ethics, Philosophy and Spirituality Contribute to Organisational Leadership?

The password to watch these videos is: ESRCSAGE


Seminar 2: Meditation: A Disruptive Innovation for Business Leaders? Can ethical leadership be encouraged through meditation?

1 Intro from Meditatio on Vimeo.

2 Laurence Freeman from Meditatio on Vimeo.

3 Phil Jones from Meditatio on Vimeo.

4 Peter Case from Meditatio on Vimeo.

5 Panel discussion from Meditatio on Vimeo.


Seminar 4: Spiritual Leadership: Theory, Practice and Personal Journeys

Spiritual Leadership Paradigms and Organizational Analysis.

A Personal Voyage of Self-Discovery through Transcendental Meditation and Spiritual Leadership.

Living Spiritual Leadership as a CEO: Theory, Reality, Risks, Challenges and Delights.

Seminar 5: Virtue Ethics and Christian Values in Health and Education.

Spiritual Leadership Paradigms & Organizational Analysis

A Personal Voyage of Self-Discovery Through Transcendental Meditation & Spiritual Leadership

Living Spiritual Leadership as a CEO: Theory, Reality, Risks, Challenges and Delights